PureVPN remove servers from India after the launch of new VPN policy

VPN service provider, PureVPN has reportedly removed its servers from India, following several other VPN providers, after the government imposed a new VPN policy. PureVPN said in an official statement that it does not collect any information from users, which goes against the policy announced by the Indian government.

Adding to this, Shaheryar Popalzai, Head of MarCom, PureVPN, said that they are a strict no-log firm and do not gather any specific information from the user. However, it cannot operate physical servers in a country where it will be forced to change the operating methods and compromise the security and privacy of its users.

PureVPN said that users who want to benefit from its services from Indian services would be able to do this via a virtual server. The firm is not new to the virtual servers, so users will not witness any difference in experience or quality when connecting to the India virtual server.

Most importantly, users will get the same security and privacy provided with physical services.

The firm is already running virtual servers for several locations like Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, etc., explained Popalzai.

Several other major VPN providers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark have also announced to remove servers from India before PureVPN.

This move comes as soon as the Indian government announced the VPN policy which wants service providers to store user information like email IDs, names, and IP addresses for almost 5 years, which goes against the principles of VPNs.

Temporarily, the Indian government has asked its employees to stop using cloud services like Google Driver as well as VPNs.

The Indian government has also restricted VPNs due to security and privacy concerns and also doesn’t allow employees to use smartphones throughout office hours.

Puja More

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