Tesla announces annual production of 2M vehicles from all its factories

Electric vehicle major Tesla recently reported a major increase in its production capacity around all its industrial units, nearing a capacity of 2 million vehicles annually.

Although Tesla had a difficult Q2 2022 owing to the mandatory factory stoppage at Gigafactory Shanghai, the automaker took this opportunity to increase the capacity everywhere during the time.

With the announcement of its Q2 2022 financial results, Tesla revised its established production capacity across all its plants and confirmed an overall increase.

Recently, Fremont Factory added 50,000 EVs to its annual production capacity or upgraded 10% roughly for Model 3 and Model Y output.

Tesla also reported that Fremont manufactured its two millionth vehicle.

Meanwhile, Shanghai’s Gigafactory witnessed the biggest increase, going from 450,000 vehicles per year to around 750,000 vehicles, making it one of the major electric vehicle factories worldwide by a broad margin.

While commenting on the factory in its Q2 report, Tesla stated that as the Shanghai factory was closed fully and partially for most of Q2, the firm ended that quarter with a record monthly production level.

The recent upgrades in equipment will empower the firm to continue to increase the production rate further.

Speaking about Tesla’s factory in Texas, Tesla is now installing a production capacity of around 250,000 vehicles per year, and it further confirmed that this was achieved by unveiling the production of vehicles fitted with legacy battery packs.

The company said that the Fremont Factory made a record number of vehicles in Q2. The firm sees opportunities for further improving the production rates. In Texas, the firm has added flexibility for producing vehicles with either a legacy battery pack or a structural battery pack. Furthermore, the next generation of 4680 battery cell machinery has been installed in Texas and is in commissioning.

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