Twitter CEO unveils Twitter Blue for a second time after fixing issues

Twitter Blue is back. The updated version of Twitter Blue has one more check mark to signify account authentication. The subscription service was relaunched recently with a new gold check mark to select verified accoun威而鋼
ts for businesses. For the unversed, Twitter Blue, currently offers blue checkmarks for verified individual user accounts and gray checkmarks for authenticated government and multilateral accounts.

Apparently, the return of Twitter Blue, which is a service enabling users to buy verification, is just weeks in the making as it was put on hold last month after people used it to impersonate accounts of politicians, companies, and even Musk himself. According to Elon Musk, Twitter CEO, he was eagerly looking forward to relaunching Twitter Blue, but not before the impersonation stopped, further adding that different check mark colors would assist in differentiating between the accounts of organizations and individual users.

In response, to overcome rampant impersonation, this new relaunch will need Twitter Blue users to list their phone numbers before getting a blue check mark, and subscribers who change their display names, handles, or profile photos will lose their symbol until the accounts get reviewed, said Twitter this weekend.

In addition, the new Twitter Blue comes with a higher cost for app users in iOS. The iPhone users will be obliged to pay $11 every month. Several times Musk has criticized the tech giant, Apple for charging around 30% of most purchases made by the iOS App Store, once tweeting that the fee is almost 10% higher than what it should be.

Meanwhile, the price of Twitter Blue continues to be $8 per month for those who subscribe on the web. In addition, apart from the blue checkmark, the subscription offers features like uploading videos in 1080p resolution, viewing tweets in reader mode, and editing tweets.

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