Genomic Vision, London’s ICR enter agreement to advance cancer research

Euronext-listed biotechnology firm, Genomic Vision, has reportedly signed a technological agreement with the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London, to purchase its FiberVision®S and FiberSmart® products.

Apparently, the agreement comprises an upfront, one-off payment and annual recurring revenues from the sales of consumable products that are related to FiberVision®S and FiberSmart®.

For the unversed, the ICR is a preeminent research organization committed to comprehending the mechanisms and causes of cancer for creating novel therapeutic strategies as well as enhancing the patient outcomes.

The scientists at the institute are looking at accelerating cancer research efforts in order to gain molecular insights into intricate biological processes, the results of which will be applied in therapeutic settings.

FiberVision®S, a cutting-edge fluorescence scanner for molecular combing, was created for single DNA molecule analysis applications in life science research.

Replication Combing Assays (RCA), a proprietary technology developed by Genomic Vision for the direct visualisation of DNA replication kinetics at the single molecule level, are analysed using cutting-edge AI algorithms by FiberSmart®. These programmes work as a unit and are crucial resources for creating novel medications.

On the other hand, FiberSmart® deploys advanced AI algorithms in the analysis of Replication Combing Assays (RCA), which is a proprietary method from Genomic Vision for DNA replication kinetics’ direct visualization at the single molecule level.

These applications, when combined, work as essential tools aiding the development of new drugs.

CEO of Genomic Vision, Aaron Bensimon, stated that the company’s proprietary technologies will provide significant value-add to the drug discovery process while anticipating to collaborating with the ICR by playing a crucial part in future scientific breakthroughs.

Genomic Vision, by offering unique added-value services will assist the scientific community for gaining molecular insights into complex biological processes for optimizing drug development accordingly.

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