Illumina among first to attain net-zero target approval from SBTi

Illumina, Inc., one of the leading providers of groundbreaking, array-based solutions for DNA and RNA-based technologies, has recently announced that it has been listed among the first group of companies globally to receive approval of its net-zero targets by the SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative).

This includes the authorization of Illumina’s corporate GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions reduction targets set by the organization.

For those unaware, SBTi is a global body that allows businesses to establish emission reduction targets in accordance with the latest climate science. SBTi’s net-zero standard is considered the first science-based certification for companies’ net zero targets across the globe, which is parallel to the Paris Agreement’s objective of keeping planetary warming to 1.5°C.

Speaking on the achievement, Chief Public Affairs Officer of Illumina, John Frank said that Illumina is delighted to join the SBTi as the first genomics company in the world with an authorized, science-based net-zero target.

This strategy will help the firm demonstrate that the long-term net-zero climate targets are realistic, determined, and liable.

As per reports, in October 2021, SBTi unveiled the world’s first corporate net zero standard. In January 2022, it started providing this certification to the companies, and Illumina is said to be among the first to request authentication of its net-zero target.

Therefore, Illumina is among the first companies to receive authorization for its science-based targets.

Frank further said that the SBTi net-zero corporate stand威而鋼
ard provides alignment and leads to the actions required to be taken. However, there is still much more work needed to be done, but the firm has been able to be committed to the most determined level of climate action and urges its peers to do the same.

Illumina’s net-zero developments and sustainability performance is expected to be reported in the yearly Corporate Social Responsibility Report.


Rashi Thakkar

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