Italy’s GSE awards 300MW of solar capacity in renewables auction

Italy’s energy agency, Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE) has recently allocated 306 Mega Watt (MW) of clean energy capacity in the recent renewable energy auction for ventures with capacities above 1 MW.

According to sources, GSE has allocated 300 MW of solar energy capacity over 34 sites, however, only one of 6MW wind projects was selected in the process. 27 projects will hold a capacity of less than 10 MW, whereas the remaining 8 projects will range in size from 11.8 MW to 53 MW.

The selected bidders for the solar project includes Italian power suppliers such ad Edison and Acea. Other solicitants were special purpose vehicles that do not have clear links to noted industry players.

All the developers provided a large discount range between 2 percent to 3.02 percent from the auction ceiling price of $0.07 per Kilowatt hour. The lowest bid came in at 0.064 per Kilowatt hour and was offered a 7.8 Mega Watt solar project situated in the province of Campobasso.

The highest bid submitted for 11 solar projects was 0.068 /kWh. These 11 projects were spread across the regions of Lazio, Sardinia, Apulia, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, and Piedmont. The bids were moderately higher or equivalent to the bids offered in the seventh renewable energy auction, wherein the discounts offered, ranged from 2.0 percent to 3.5 percent.

For the record, in the last procurement round which was held in January, the GSE allotted 974.9 MW of renewables capacity.

In the renewable sixth auction round which took place in September 2021, the Italian energy agency issued 297 Mega Watt of solar power, with the offer price ranging from $0.073/kWh to $0.069/kWh. While in the fifth auction exercise, held in May, the lowest proposal offered was $0.073/kWh which was allocated for a solar project of 3.4MW.

After the completion of the recent auction, GSE has allocated around 1.5 GW of PV from nation’s tender program.

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