UK: London to burn hotter than Jamaica & Morocco amid heatwave forecast

Parts of Great Britain are reportedly expected experience scorching heat over the coming weekend as a heatwave forecast predicts temperature to reach into the mid-30s in some places, with London expected to sizzle at 36°C.

According to reports, people have been crowding the local parks, beaches, and gardens since last weekend to take advantage of the soaring temperatures.

The coming Sunday is expected to be the hottest day of the year for the capital and some other parts of the nation so far, with temperatures reaching their peak before cooling down to nearly 25°C in the week that follow.

Temperatures in London may simmer just above or below 30°C in the days that lead up to the 36°C forecast next weekend. T必利勁
his would make the capital hotter than numerous places in Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia.

Supposedly, a high of 32°C is forecast in Montego Bay, Jamaica, 28°C in Marrakech, 35°C on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, and 34°C in New Delhi. There is a possibility that many other cities and towns across Britain will also experience their hottest day of the year this Sunday, such as Bristol (32°C), Liverpool (27°C), Cambridge (34°C), and Oxford (33°C).

There is a good chance that beachgoers will be able to enjoy sunshine next weekend in Brighton (30°C), Bournemouth (29°C), Cornwall (25°C), Blackpool (24°C), and Margate (32°C).

In an earlier warning, Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust has urged parents to keep their children indoors during the heatwave in order to prevent them from overheating and dehydration, while recommending that they drink plenty of water throughout the day.

In a tweet, the trust advised that parents keep their children out of the sun and not leave them in heated places such as a car for prolonged periods. It further added that the earlier symptoms of overheating include irritability and headaches while suggesting that if this occurs, placing the child in a shaded area where it is as cool, removing any possible clothing, and giving water would help.

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