Gradiant announces acquisition of WaterPark Environment Corp

Global cleantech water solutions provider Gradiant has reportedly completed 樂威壯
the acquisition of WaterPark Environment Corp, a Taiwan-based design and construction firm.

The acquisition will help advanced sectors like semiconductors obtain pure water while satisfying environmental discharge limits and reclaiming precious resources that are otherwise wasted.

This takeover reinforces Gradiant’s profile of exclusive applications and technologies expertise in industrial water, particularly advanced oxidation, high-rate biological wastewater, and ultrapure water.

Gradiant’s complete range of end-to-end solutions and technologies will be available to the leading manufacturers of Taiwan-based advanced industries served by WaterPark.

Current microelectronics and semiconductor clients of the consolidated business include the world’s top brands like Intel, Micron, Global Foundries, UMC, TSMC, Chimei, and AUO.

Gradiant COO, Prakash Govindan, has stated that the innovative technologies offered by the company are crucial to cater to business needs for sustainability, operational continuity, and cost in the wake of supply chain shortages, rising material costs, and climate change.

The world is witnessing an extended shortage of semiconductors that are necessary to control everything from smartphones, and automobiles to appliances. With the growing persistence of semiconductor shortages, chip makers are facing immense pressure to integrate efficient and sustainable practices in their water operations.

WaterPark Chairman Huey-Song You has quoted that Taiwan is the global hub for semiconductor production and the country holds around 65% of the market share.

By combining Gradiant’s digital and total water solutions with WaterPark’s industrial expertise and exclusive technologies, the company will help advanced manufacturing plants effectively manage their water, added Song You.

Gradiant’s comprehensive technological expertise and solutions enable cost-effective and sustainable treatment of the most important water issues in the world. The company serves the mission-critical operations of clients in key global industries.

Meanwhile, WaterPark serves advanced production clients in the microelectronics and semiconductor industries. The company’s exclusive technologies solve various water issues of industrial clients across the Asia Pacific.

Rashi Thakkar

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