Scope AR launches Worklink Quizzing to transform workforce development

Scope AR, a pioneer of enterprise-class augmented reality (AR) solutions, recently announced the release of WorkLink Quizzing, a robust AR solution to measure and accelerate proficiency for hands-on procedures.

With the help of WorkLink Quizzing, firms can create and deploy the newest learning and development content for their employees. Reportedly, the tool will also lower the expenses linked with conventional instructor-led training (ILT) without sacrificing training results.

Scott Montgomerie, Co-Founder and CEO of Scope AR, stated that WorkLink Quizzing had brought in the period of interactive content for learning and development professionals by providing a collection of tools that enable anyone to develop a knowledge check or quiz in AR format, without the need for having in-depth coding knowledge.

Organizations can quickly onboard, train, and spot-check their workforce anywhere in the world by using these evaluation and grading tools across Scope AR’s WorkLink platform, Montgomerie added.

In-person training has always been the gold standard in the learning and development sector. However, it is costly and difficult to implement and monitor. Moreover, trainees are often asked to travel to centralized training facilities.

Existing remote learning enterprises have successfully increased frequency and decreased travel. But they have faced difficulty in producing the same results with 2D approaches due to lack of essential spatial context and low student engagement.

WorkLink Quizzing apparently resolves these issues by offering an extremely engaging medium and 3D immersion that mimics the spatial cues of in-person learning.

Furthermore, the WorkLink platform and its applications give all the elements required to make it easy for any amateur designer to construct an AR module, without the need for in-depth 3D programming skills. Training materials and tests are promptly made available on several hardware and software, including wearables, tablets, and smartphones.

Training designers can also gain access to WorkLink Quizzing’s assessment and grading data, which include graded scores, quiz/knowledge check completion, pass-fail status, quiz duration, and retry attempts. The WorkLink API makes it easy to incorporate this data and other pertinent information into SCORM-compliant learning management systems.

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