Twitter CEO Musk finally responds after 10M users vote to oust him

Elon Musk, the owner and CEO of Twitter, has reportedly tweeted for the first time since over 10 million people voted in favor of him stepping aside as Twitter’s CEO, stating that potential policy-related polls will be limited to paid Twitter Blue members.

Musk questioned Twitter users on Sunday if he should leave his position as the CEO, and he promised to follow the outcome of the poll. By Monday, when the poll closed, 57.5% of users opined that he should step down.

Musk, who frequently uses the platform, did not tweet immediately following the poll. His silence was officially broken when he tweeted ‘Interesting’ in response to several claims that the poll’s results were influenced by fake accounts.

Twitter Blue is a paid-for service that enables anybody to purchase a blue tick verified mark for their handle.

No one can push Musk out as the majority owner of the privately owned firm, but several perplexing decisions in the last few days have forced even some of his biggest backers to cut connections with him.

The suspension of different important journalists who wrote about the ban last week came due to the decision to block a user that tracked his private jet’s location. Hence, some active Twitter users left for other social media platforms, including its rival Mastodon, whose own account was suspended after it linked to the jet tracker’s account on Twitter.

Musk responded on Sunday by blocking all connections to other social media sites, including Instagram, Mastodon, and Facebook, as well as the lesser knowns like Nostr, used by Jack Dorsey, as well as Linktree, a tool to create homepages.

Musk has also used Twitter polls to validate significant decisions in the past. In 2021, he traded one-tenth of his Tesla stock following a Twitter vote result. He also restored Donald Trump’s account and reinstated a bunch of banned accounts following a third. After the Trump poll, he tweeted, ‘Vox Populi, Vox Dei.’

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