Energy Dome unveils 1st CO2 battery for long-duration energy storage

Energy Dome, an Italy-based company that provides technology for large-scale and long-duration energy storage, has recently announced the launch of the world’s first carbon dioxide (CO2) battery in Sardinia, Italy. The battery uses CO2 to store renewable energy on the grid, and this technology can easily be deployed anywhere across the globe.

Apparently, carbon dioxide can be stored easily as a liquid under pressure at environmental temperature. Therefore, Energy Dome has stated on its website that CO2 is the perfect and most cost-effective gas to store in a closed thermodynamic process. It enables high-density energy storage without the requirement of traveling to low temperatures.

The energy startup has housed the CO2 battery unit in Sardinia as it will facilitate ease of execution, as Sardinia is an industrial area with a continuous electrical connection. Furthermore, the area currently utilizes coal, but fossil fuels are predicted to be phased out by 2025. However, the CO2 battery can also work with both solar and wind.

Claudio Spadacini, Founder and CEO of Energy Dome said CO2 battery is commercially available to make cost-efficient renewable energy dispatchable around the globe.

Energy Dome claimed that its new unit in Sardinia utilizes off-the-shelf equipment that is available from a renowned established supply chain and the deployment of CO2 battery is now possible without any hurdle.

The company has bagged several commercial agreements, including one with Italian facility A2A to construct first 20 MW-5h utility.

Initially this year, Energy Dome inked a deal with Ansaldo Energia, provider of power generation plant and components, to develop long-duration energy storage projects in Germany, Italy, Africa, and the Middle East.

A couple of investors including Third Derivative, Barclays, European deep tech venture capital firm 360 Capital, and Novum Capital Partners are backing Energy Dome’s future endeavors.

Puja More

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