InfiRay® introduces new series of self-built handheld thermal cameras

IRay Technology Co., Ltd. (InfiRay®), a leading developer of thermal imaging products and technologies, has reportedly announced the launch of its brand-new M620 handheld thermal camera equipped with the company’s cutting-edge thermal CMOS technology.

Loaded with features like thermal imaging, intuitive and brilliant mobile target detection, and no contact temperature measurement, the product is suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including HVAC inspection, product development, electrical inspection, equipment maintenance, and more.

The M620 uses infrared (IR) radiation to convert the transmittance of detected entities into images and demonstrate them as heat maps of various temperatures. This provides efficiency, utmost accuracy, and portability in the field of industrial thermal imaging.

InfiRay product director, Mr. Yu, while expressing his excitement on the launch the company’s self-developed thermal camera, stated that InfiRay it committed towards delivering world-class thermal imaging products and solutions to its customers.

Meanwhile, the firm also unveiled the Tianxuan M620 as another redefined masterpiece in the company’s Tianxuan M series. Using a guaranteed and self-developed 12 μm detector, it provides industrial thermal imaging with a resolution of 640×512 and a sensitivity of 35mK.

Its 23° narrow-angle of viewing is equal to approx. 2.4x optical zoom of 56° wide viewing angle, making it more suitable for long to medium-range monitoring. The temperature measurement range is extended to 650°C, which makes it apt for industrial applications, such as monitoring mold steel temperature.

The M620 is equipped with a 32GB MicroSD card with a maximum extendible capacity of 512GB, which is more than enough for long-term video capturing and outdoor troubleshooting.

Attributing to the overall design fostered by the incorporation of the 12 μm detector, the camera is smaller and 68% less in weight than similar thermal cameras in the category.

About InfiRay:

InfiRay® develops thermal imaging related technologies as well as products with intellectual properties that are completely independent. The company’s thermal imaging product lines include handheld thermal cameras for industrial thermal imaging, night vision thermal imaging solutions, thermal CMOS, and thermal imaging modules among others.

Rashi Thakkar

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