forays into metaverse space with the launch of Kiyaverse

Digital solutions provider has reportedly announced the launch of its new banking metaverse platform, dubbed Kiyaverse, marking a ground-breaking development with India’s first-ever banking metaverse.

The Mumbai-based fintech company designed Kiyaverse with the aim of allowing customers to use their personalized avatars on digital banking units, and devices like VR headsets, laptops, mobiles, and mixed reality environments.

The innovative platform will further help introduce banking services from the real world to the virtual world and vice versa.

Additionally, the metaverse tool will provide portfolio analysis, co-lending, wealth management, corporate banking, and AI-based interaction with a relationship manager’s avatar creation as well as customization.

According to Kiya’s official statement, Kiyaverse intends to offer banks three-dimensional data analysis comprising a comprehensive assessment of product performance, chief marketing officer (CMO) insights, risk analysis, and channel analytics.

Speaking on the latest launch, Rajesh Mirjankar, MD, CEO of, mentioned that the company’s product roadmap focuses on integration with CBDC along with interoperability with different metaverses to facilitate open finance in the metaverse.

The platform’s aim to enable open finance in a Web 3.0 environment and plans to secure non-fungible tokens (NFT) and support central bank digital currency (CBDC).

In addition to this, the metaverse platform will work towards interfacing its application programming interface (API) connectors with relevant aggregators and gateways, which will ultimately provide a super-app and marketplace on the metaverse.

Thanks to the introduction of haptics-driven headsets, Kiyaverse aims to deliver a near real-world interaction by leveraging the internet of senses.

It is prudent to say that as the trend of metaverse elevates, tech giants and digital solutions providers are foraying into the technology space with extensive efforts to tap into the maximum potential of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI).

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