Spacee unveils first plug-and-play computer vision tool ‘HoverTouch™’

Spacee, a provider of industry-leading computer vision and AI solutions – enabling businesses to ramp up revenue, enhance efficiency, and gain new insights – has reportedly launched HoverTouch™.

As the first plug-and-play model, HoverTouch™ upgrades existing in-store structures such as glass, walls, or even cars into a more interactive customer experience and allows clients to source crucial data on those experiences.

Speaking on the latest offering, Spacee Founder and CEO, Skip Howard mentioned that HoverTouch can cater to the increasing need for CX data from retailers competing with what’s available online.

Beyond projection capabilities on walls, glass, or products – for instance a car in a showroom – HoverTouch also offers customers an option to buy a dedicated kiosk solution, known as the HoverTouch React along with a projecting surface.

Primarily, HoverTouch is designed to focus on in-store traffic ultimately boosting sales and continuing the success trends of Spacee’s previous interactive experience solution – Sense.

HoverTouch displays new features like:

  1. Adding Hover technology

The new HoverTouch does not require a customer to touch any surface for an interactive experience as shoppers can simply hover their hand over a surface to experience contactless interactivity.

The overall experience more or less resembles how shoppers perform online shopping using a cursor, wherein they hover and click on items desired without having to touch the screen.

  1. HoverTouch Connect

The feature provides retailers, consumer brands, and their agencies complete control of content, device management, and UX along with an archive of actionable data.

HoverTouch Connect enables customers and their respective agencies to design and deploy content in an HTML5 compliant media player, which facilitates practically any and all content to be run on the HoverTouch system.

With this, the AI solution encourages retailers, brands, and associated agencies to reuse the existing repository of content.

Moreover, HoverTouch Connect also allows retailers to secure comprehensive data on customer interactions, levelling with the data that is collected throughout e-commerce interactions.

  1. Plug-and-Play installation

The very first plug-and-play installation eliminates the need for any tweaking or manual calibration and takes only minutes for customer installation.

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